viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010


Segundo poema del Libro Negro de Carmarthen (Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin).

Breudid a uelun neithwir. ysceluit ae dehoglho.
Ny ritreithir y reuit. nis guibit ar nuygelho.
Gueithred llara llyuiau niuer nid hoffet meiuret bro.
Neur uum ydan un duted a bun dec liu guanec gro.
Guaeth. vygniw odiuattep. ir nep nuy hatnappo.
Nytiuuic rac dricweithred. im attrec guydi darffo.
Ny dichuenic but pedi. ys guell delli urth auo.
Ac imganlin adeduit. adioffrid aaduo.
Awna mynich enuuyret. ordivet. aserlinho.
Nid ehalath astraetha. nychaffaw ae hamhevo.
Ny lluit renuet y direid. Ny chenir buyeid arffo.
Ny naut ucheneid rach cuael. Ny derllit haelar nuybo.
Ny ry del * * *

A dream I happen to see last night; clever is he that can interpret it.
It shall not be related to the wanton; he that will not conceal it shall know it not.
It is an act of the gentle to govern the multitude. Pleasure is not the wealth of a country.
Have I not been under the same covering with a fair maid of the hue of the billow of the strand?
Labour bestowed on anything good is no pain, and the remembrance of it will last.
Worse is my trouble to answer him who is not acquainted with it.
It is no reparation for an evil deed, a desistence after it is done.
One’s benefit does not appear when it is asked for in a round­about way: thou hadst better keep to what there is.
And associate with the virtuous, and be resolute as to what may happen.
He that frequently commits crime will at last be caught.
He that will not relate a thing fully, will not find himself contradicted.
Riches will not flourish with the wicked. Mass will not be sung on a retreat.
A sigh is no protection against the vile. He that is not liberal does not deserve the name.

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Cherry Gómez dijo...


Hasta ahora veo este Blog. Estaba en busqueda de cierta leyenda y encontre tu informacion. Este comentario es solo para felicitarte por los datos expuestos, ya que es muy dificil encontrar informacion Celta veridica por estos dias. mil bendiciones y un soplo de amor y paz desde Colombia

Lou dijo...

muchísimas gracias Asougi, es un placer que personas como tu visiten mi blog.
Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año 2011